Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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Airport Background

The Vinton Veterans Memorial Airport was founded in the mid-1960s by the City of Vinton. Realizing the economic impact of a local airport, city officials formed the Airport Commission to oversee the new airport and promote aviation.

The City continues to support aviation in the community and relies on the Commission for day-to-day operations.

Within Iowa’s transportation system, the Vinton Veterans Memorial Airport is classified as a General Service Airport by the Iowa DOT. General Service Airports support most twin and single-engine aircraft and may occasionally serve business jets.

The airport is home to thirty aircraft, including two helicopters, and these businesses:
* Iowa Wing and Rotor
* Mayland Aerial Photography
* Paradise Skydives
* Noe Aviation

Services supported by airport businesses include aircraft rental, flight training, aircraft maintenance, aerial photography, aerobatics, agricultural spraying and skydiving.

The Iowa DOT estimates there are 4,500 takeoffs and landing at the Vinton Veterans Memorial Airport each year!

Many pilots have told us that the services provided in Vinton are better than at larger airports in the area. If you are interested in calling Vinton Veterans Memorial Airport your home, give us a call.

Uses of the Airport

The airport is a gateway for visitors and businesses to the area it serves. Several local business owners rely on the airport to support their aviation needs.

During recent weather-related natural disasters, the Vinton Veterans Memorial Airport enabled state and federal officials to inspect damage in the area to hasten federal and state aid and relief.

Aerial applicators use the Vinton Airport on a regular basis, supporting Iowa’s multi-billion dollar agricultural industry.

The airport supports youth education, EAA Young Eagles, law enforcement, aero-medical operations, military and the Civil Air Patrol.

Flight Training is available at the airport. It’s never too late to learn to fly and an introductory flight is waiting for you! A flight simulator is available if you’re not quite ready to get off the ground.

Nearly every weekend in spring, summer and fall, skydivers fill the sky around the airport. A great fun-filled afternoon for children of all ages is just a short drive from Vinton. Pack up your lawn chairs and picnic basket and head out to the airport!

What is the economic benefit of Vinton Veterans Memorial Airport?

Communities and regions throughout Iowa benefit from local airports and a wide range of general aviation activity that promotes a strong economy and supports our quality of life.

The airport operates on an annual city budget of less than $25,000! Revenue is obtained through grants, fuel sales, hangar rental and lease of farmland.

A recent study commissioned by the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Office of Aviation estimates the economic benefits of the Vinton Veterans Memorial Airport to include:
* $939,600 in total annual economic activity or output generated from the airport and its operation.
* 12.5 jobs supported by businesses, activities, capital improvement projects and spending by visitors who arrive in Vinton via the airport.
* $282,800 in annual payroll for the 12.5 employees whose jobs are linked to the Vinton Veterans Memorial Airport.

Additionally, the airport adds value to the community as a result of the activities that it supports. For example, increases in crop production from aerial spraying further boost agricultural economies. Increases in efficiency and productivity can be realized by companies utilizing airports in Iowa.

Finally, there are public benefits from aviation services. Medical transport, search and rescue, and disaster recovery efforts are just a few examples of how the Vinton Veterans Memorial Airport is vital to Vinton and surrounding communities.